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Our Address

Ifigenias Street, 17, 2007 Strovolos, Nicosia, Cyprus

CloudFin LTD – is a leading edge company, formed by technology professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the field of enterprise software.
CloudFin offers cutting-edge solutions, targeting complex business problems in the areas of process automation, accounting solutions, advanced analytics and remote operations through cloud applications, mobile apps and chatbots.
CloudFin’s motto “Simplicity in Excellence” reflects our mentality of building pitch-perfect solutions, that people can use without training. CloudFin’s clientele consists of major global organizations and industries from the auditing and accounting, banking, commerce, maritime, retail and public sector.

CloudFin’s True Capture™ is a SaaS that automates document data capture and data entry while offering full accounting ERP features and e-archiving with full context search. True Capture™ extracts all data from any transactional document, including transaction data (trader, date, payment method, transaction amounts) as well as product line data (products, quantity, price, VAT, etc.), without templates or system training, at a remarkable success rate of 80%. It is ERP-independent and can operate with all sales or purchase documents as well as commercial agreements, bank statements, loans and legal documents.