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COSMOTE is the unified commercial brand for all the products and services of OTE Group and its key message is “a better world, for all”. Its mission is to bring technological capabilities to all, so that everyone can live and enjoy at the fullest all possibilities offered now, while also building on them for a better tomorrow.

OTE Group is the largest technology company in Greece. It is the largest investor in new technologies and infrastructure in Greece, having invested over €2bn over the past six years. OTE Group implements a €2 bn. investment plan until 2022, to offer even higher speeds and wider coverage in fixed and mobile telephony. OTE Group’s magnitude, expertise and experience guarantee the quality of services offered under the unified COSMOTE commercial brand.

Through its intense activity in the field of IT Integration and having established strategic partnerships to implement complex ICT projects, OTE Group is a partner of choice, since with its technologically advanced COSMOTE Business IT Solutions, meets the needs of the enterprises seeking advanced solutions in the fields of Health, Shipping, Tourism, Information Security, Energy, Data Centers, Cloud and Internet of Things (IoT).