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INFORM (LYK.ATH) was founded in 1897, is listed on the Athens Stock Exchange since 1994 and provides products and services for secure document and information management, innovating in the digital transformation of companies and organizations by providing highly specialized solutions. It has 520 employees with four production units in Greece, Romania (X2) and Albania, while it holds a leading position in the Central and Eastern European markets in the Public and Private sector.
It is a member of AUSTRIACARD HOLDINGS, an Austrian group of information technology in the field of Hardware Embedded Security, which employs 1,300 people and has an international presence with three Divisions, AUSTRIACARD, INFORM and NAUTILUS, in the fields of Digital Security, Information Management Management) and the IoT respectively, with a total turnover of € 173 million in 2020. The AUSTRIACARD HOLDINGS Group has a very strong pan-European business footprint, from the UK to Greece and Turkey, with six production facilities and eight personalization centers in Europe, as well as two additional personalization centers in South America and the USA.

The development of B2B Portals and the automation of processes through RPA (Robotic Process Automation), IDP (Intelligent Document Processing) and Chatbots is the focus of many new projects of INFORM, which is now considered a strategic provider of banking and telecommunications organizations as well as private or public sector, with the solutions it provides.
Our organization, with privately owned production facilities in Koropi, Attica, Bucharest and Albania, is one of the companies that lead the developments in the Technology of Electronic and Digital Printing, incorporating added value and additional services, in order to constantly upgrade their offered solutions. customers.

INFORM LYKOS SA (Romania) was founded in 1992 under the name “EuroPaper Converting”. In 2001 the company was acquired by INFORM P. LYKOS SA and since then presents a significant growth with a leading role in the Romanian Printing Market and Information Management. An investment program of 10 million Euros for the construction of a new and modernly equipped factory was recently completed.
In 2007 INFORM P. LYKOS SA, signed an agreement for the acquisition of 85% of the share capital of AUSTRIACARD GmbH, a subsidiary of the Central Bank of Austria and since 2011, holds 100% of the share capital.

AUSTRIACARD is one of the largest suppliers of “smart cards” in the world, with a production of more than 120 million Cards per year. It holds a leading position in the construction and development of “smart card” applications for banks, telecommunications, public organizations, institutions and retail chains. Today it serves 260 banking groups with a presence in over 36 European countries.
In 2012, INFORM acquired 51% of ADPS, a company based in Tirana, Albania, and housed in 1,700 m² of state-of-the-art factory facilities, warehouses and offices. ADPS provides bill printing and enveloping services, electronic billing, printing production and management.
In 2019, INFORM LYKOS Romania signed an Acquisition Agreement for a majority stake in SISTEC NEXT DOCS and SISTEC CONFIDENTIAL operating in the Romanian market offering document management, electronic scanning, digitization and electronic services.
The LYKOS group (today AUSTRIACARD HOLDINGS) is by far the largest provider of Outsourcing variable printing services in the Balkan market with special dynamics in the field of Digital Transformation

The Group, in its continuous investment strategy, joined the forces of AUSTRIACARD with TAG Systems, in which it already holds 73.4% of the shares. The new digital security group, which stretches from the UK to Greece and Turkey, has a strong pan-European business footprint, with three production facilities and eight personalization centers in Europe, as well as two additional personalization centers in North America. and South America. Today, most of the major Banks, Insurance and Telecommunications companies in the Balkans, mainly use INFORM products and services, which meet the highest security standards. The reliability and high quality of the offered solutions, is the most important condition for the selection of INFORM by national and international organizations.
The facilities built in 1982 and expanded three times in 1991, 1997 & 2001, have a total area of ​​17,800 m², of which 9,000 m² are production facilities, 6,000 m² warehouses and 2,800 m² office space.