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Longest running privately owned bunker fuel broker company in Greece. Consistently supported by the best Greek shipping companies and the best global bunker suppliers around.

Since 2002, Prime’s mission is Clients’ satisfaction. Investing in their needs holistically, and collectively, we have evolved into a buying management service tool that provides bunker buying know-how in an industry comprised of complex dynamics.

Our team of expert Purchasing Agents coming from all the sectors of the supply value chain (, handle the entire inquiry procurement process from introduction to the supply value chain, credit lines, to preventing claims, delivery & after, basis 24/7/365 follow-up. We deliver accurate market information, cost-effective prices without compromising quality, and basically, peace of mind to bunker buying personnel.

How a client benefits from using a broker service? “INTELLIGENT BUNKER BUYING SOLUTIONS”

Hand in hand, we help you make the right decisions for maximizing your cost savings. We make your work life easier, so, you can concentrate on your core business of vessels operations.

What is a Bunker Broker?

Bunker Broker’s maintain a balance between buyers and sellers, with the goal to safeguard both parties’ interests and deliver fuel on time.

Bunker Broker = Unbiased + Transparent + Specialized service

We handle your inquiries with expertise and care. This shows through our Commitment to Accuracy, Reliability, and Excellence.

We are Prime’s Bunkersplus Services.