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STIRIXIS Exclusive is the business unit of STIRIXIS Group, and Exclusive focuses on the creation of bespoke private spaces.
Life is precious. We ensure we make every moment of it cherished in your private environment. Our exclusive design is combined with project management services which ensure project delivery on time, on budget and on quality. Smoothly, seamlessly and efficiently. With a full bouquet of services, architecture and interior design, decoration and furniture design, landscaping and project management, we deliver “turn-key” with unprecedented ease and comfort allowing you to focus on your business.

Services Offered 

CONCEPT DESIGN: Carefully designed spaces ensure a functional, facile, and carefree living. We carefully design, manage, tweak and align all design elements to ensure their emergent value will leave you enthused, engaged, and enthralled. 

We ensure that our design will reflect efficiently and effectively your life values, your way of living and your everyday needs.

CONCEPT EXECUTION:  Flawless implementation plays a very important role in the success of your project. This is the phase of the project where the highest expenditure occurs. 

Everything should be well planned and prepared in advance. Transforming your dream into reality can be frustrating, but we make sure that it is not.

We keep our eyes on your budget and your time frame. We keep our promises. Most importantly, we keep your mind at ease.

Types of Projects we do: 

Villas: Our architectural design approach is based on balancing the blend of old-time classic and contemporary values, ensuring the endurance of the design. And all these perfectly combined with the environment.

City Apartments:  We design urban spaces based on the concept of creating a habitat. We upgrade the quality of your life by creating cozy and comfortable spaces for you and your family.

Vacation Houses: The natural beauty, the breath-taking view, the peace and relaxation sought after in this category of houses are the main axes of our design. 

Yacht Interiors:  We create unique and complete, exclusively designed yacht interiors, focusing on our clients unique attributes, ensuring functionality and the highest form of aesthetics.