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Welcome to our journey into the magical world of writing and note-taking, where anything could happen, even the unimaginable. Our fascinating story begins on the day writing was invented and continues until the day Flexbook, a revolutionary innovation in bookbinding was established as a brand, which is now made available in more than 33 countries around the world.
But let us take things from the beginning.

It all started in Athens in 1960, when Theodoros Chasapakis, a bookbinding artist, was first involved with special editions and handcrafted books creating products that were unique. In 1994, the company was passed on to the new generation, Grigoria and Dimitris Chasapakis, and focus was mainly set on creating a brand that would appeal to both the business market and the consumer.

Meanwhile, after 2 years of research and decades of experience across the entire spectrum of bookbinding technologies our production director invented Flexbook, a new bookbinding method, which makes books, notebooks and diaries incredibly durable and flexible.

This method, with its emphasis on materials, design, and innovation, was indeed so unique that it quickly gathered enthusiastic followers all over the world. The evolution of the company has been extremely rapid and today it is a modern vertically organized publisher and bookbinder placed among the top companies in the industry. Aiming at boosting this natural growth, the company invests in developing a global sales network.

Flexbook has touched people across the globe, who seek values and not just products, people who are looking for a more inward approach to writing or note-taking and a true perspective on life. This year, as we celebrate our 60 years, we keep our faith in everything that is real, in magic moments and in our thoughts and dreams for a greener planet that will be a safe home for all of us.